Leveraging Technology To Solve ProblemsLeveraging Technology To Solve Problems

Featured Projects

Primavera BI Publisher Projects

Dynamic has been developing custom BI Publisher (BIP) reports for P6 and PCM since P6R8.1 and PCMv14 were first introduced. 
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In addition, Dynamic provides a 3-day onsite BIP course that is designed specifically for P6 users and the new Extended Px Schema. After the course, students will be able to create informative and powerful graphical BIP reports including S-Curve and Barchart reports.

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Primavera Integration Projects

Dynamic develops custom solutions to improve data collection for P6 and integration with P6.  For example, to improve accuracy on S-Curves, Dynamic developed a group of stored procedures to accurately calculate and retain Earned Value for activities replacing P6’s “EV averaging” method.

Dynamic is also the author of the XENA utilities (www.XENAUtilities.com) used by 1000’s of P6 users around the world.

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Customize Reporting System for a CRM System

Businesses are collecting large amounts of data to understand their operations better however without the right reporting tool, the data is meaningless.

One of Dynamic’s clients had a powerful CRM system to collect data but the reporting tool was very weak.Dynamic developed a custom reporting tool that gave our client the options and filters needed to organize and group the data into meaningful reports – reports that helped the managers to make better decisions.

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Mobile Solution for a Distributor

Mobile solutions give field personnel and traveling executives quicker access to important information so that better decisions can be made - and mobile solutions will streamline processes such as placing orders.  Companies need to leverage mobile technologies to stay competitive.

Dynamic developed a powerful mobile solution for a candy distributor that allowed salespeople to enter orders while visiting customers – and upload those orders into their ERP for immediate processing and shipment.

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Verification and Relabeling System

Automating a process improves efficiencies, streamlines the process, and reduces labor costs.Dynamic developed a custom system for a warehouse that scanned and verified boxes against the order as the boxes traveled on a conveyor.Once verified, the boxes were relabeled for the company receiving the order.However, if the box was not verified, it was kicked off the conveyor into a reject shoot and the operator was notified.

The custom system ensured the right boxes were shipped to the customer and had the right labels.